You Want Purified Water! Final Part of Series

Purified Water – Part 4/4 in our Water Series

With more and more people buying their water from the grocery store, whether it’s a desire for quality in what they drink or just a simple matter of convenience while shopping, a common confusion keeps popping up. What’s the difference between all these different kinds of water? There’s tap water, spring, distilled, filtered, and purified. I mean, seriously. Isn’t water just water? I’m not stockpiling a variety of juices or sodas for a party.

I’ve explained what spring and distilled waters are in previous articles. I’ve even explained the difference between tap water and spring water. I’ve realized recently that there are just as many people confused by purified and filtered water. You’re probably thinking “they’re the same thing, aren’t they?” Let me shed some light on that for you.

In short for those that haven’t read any of the previous articles, filtered water is screened of its impurities and sometimes filtered again for smaller particles, then ozonated and bottled.

While some bottlers will tout the “source” of their purified water, it really does not matter. Purified water can start as tap water, from a spring, groundwater, or surface water. The source is not so much as important as the fact that the water impurities must be removed or reduced to very low levels. It is this requirement that allows the water to meet the legal definition of “purified water”!

If you want the highest quality of water for drinking and cooking and healthcare around your homestead, then buying purified water is your best choice. since “purified water” is regulated by the EPA, the bottlers have to move the water through many stages before it gets to you. They filter it several times for a variety of items, it passes through a couple of phases to remove other chemicals and then still treatment to meet or exceed the purified water standards. This doesn’t mean the water consists of nothing but hydrogen and oxygen atoms, it simply means the contaminants are in as miniscule amounts to not be harmful.

  1. Spring Water is sourced from a spring and filtered to remove the “big stuff”.
  2. Tap Water has been filtered and then chlorinated.
  3. Sparkling Water is tap water with the chlorine removed.
  4. Distilled Water is for specialized equipment and not normally for drinking.
  5. Purified Water has been filtered and cleaned by several methods leaving highly pure water.

So do yourself a favor, if you’re buying drinking water, take the time to make sure it’s purified water. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/