Why Distilled Water?

What is Distilled Water?

When you hear the term distilled water you picture the jugs that people buy in grocery stores. You may also picture the water running through a bunch of filters to remove impurities. Most people don’t realize this, but filtration is not the only way to cleanse water. Distillation is another method for cleaning water.

Distillation is when you boil a liquid to separate out its different contents. In the case of water, you boil the water in a special system that will collect the steam. Once collected in a separate area, the steam will cool down forming back into water. This process is first done at 212 Degrees F, the boiling point of water, as one step. Many of the contaminants are metals and inorganic minerals have a higher boiling point than water, so they remain behind.

However, this only gets some of the harmful things out because certain minerals have a lower boiling point than water. There are two solutions to this dilemma. The first is to combine the distilling process with other methods of cleansing such as filtration. The second option is to run the water through the distilling process a second time. During the second cycle, you’ll want to heat the water at a temperature that will boil these lower point minerals, but this time leave the water behind. Double Distilled Water is not safe for drinking and is only for use with certain machines and equipment. There are many things that need to be in water to help our bodies hydrate like electrolytes, not just pure H2O. Most distilled water has gone through a filter to remove the second set of impurities.

So distilled water is for certain equipment that needs something more than bottled water, but it is not really for drinking. This is the third part of a four part series on water.

Here is the complete list of water types:

  1. Spring Water is sourced from a spring and filtered to remove the “big stuff”.
  2. Tap Water has been filtered and then chlorinated.
  3. Sparkling Water is tap water with the chlorine removed.
  4. Distilled Water is for specialized equipment and not normally for drinking.
  5. Purified Water has been filtered and cleaned by several methods leaving highly pure water.