Which choice works best for your hydroponics?

DIY at a variety of levels in pictures!

There are so many version of Hydroponic Gardening systems to chose from. Most can be made rather simply often with items around the homestead.

Hydroponics is using mineral rich solutions, usually instead of soil to provide the nutrients to the plants.

Continuous and easy delivery of the nutrients is a hallmark of the systems, so check them out to see which matches your style.

Hydroponic Systems Round Up | 33 Best Hydroponic Ideas For Your Garden
Hydroponic gardening is gardening with mineral-rich solutions instead of soil! It’s soil-less gardening, and it’s useful for growing plants outside their native habitat, indoors, in areas where you have no yard, and more!

Get inspired with these 33 Hydroponic gardening systems. Maybe you could build one for your home?

DIY #1
hydro1Picture from DIYNetwork.com

DIY #2
hydro2Picture from VerticalGrow.com.au

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