When Homesteading, Remember… (Humor)

Planning and Priorities

“If we had only known then, what we know now…” comes up a lot with our fellow Homesteaders, even the ones who have been homesteading for many years, when they discuss their latest project or more recent challenge. You have to make plans and set priorities, but sometimes it seems like a “temporary fix or setup” is the best solution so you can get the most accomplished overall. While that  may be true, temporary fixes often stay around a lot longer in our busy lives. Even our non-homestead friends encounter this issue as life has a funny way of taking up all of our time. So just remember that “short term” may go from a couple of weeks to a couple of years and decide if it might be better to invest more time now and make a real solution a higher priority. Saving time and sharing information is something we tray and do. It is this that keeps us moving forward and sharing tips and skills and knowledge with all of our readers!



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