Two major time wasters in canning you are still doing!

If you are Pre-Heating Lids, stop it!

This is old news…

This was an old step carryover from when the seals were Latex. They needed to be heated to become pliable and seal well. The Quality Assurance Team over at Jarden Homebrands, maker of the Ball Jar said the “new” Plastisol does need preheating, but doing so will not hurt it. When did the switch get made? In 1969! If you do wish to pre-heat your lids just be sure you only simmer them at (180°F), not boil (212°F), the lids.

You almost Never need to Sterilize the jars first!

As long as you have a canning recipe that processes in your canner for 10 minutes or more, the sterilization will occur during that time, keeping you from doubling the steps in overall process.


Cleaning lids now.JarLids

After extensive testing from their quality assurance team, Jarden Home Brands’ current recommendation is to prep lids by washing with warm, soapy water and keep at room temperature until ready for preserving.


Metal Coated Lids – Only use once!

The only USDA recommended type of lid for home canning. I recommend Ball®/Kerr® brands because they’re Made in the USA, BPA-free and phthalate-free and the standard for use in testing with at the USDA and universities for developing home canning guidelines.

What about plastic lids?

They are not within USDA canning guidelines and can lose vacuum within a year and often within six months. Ball® Plastic Storage Caps can be used for storing foods in the fridge or freezer repeatedly. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/