Small animals you can raise almost anywhere for prepping or homesteading!

Ready to move up from fruits, vegetables and herbs to livestock?

As a homesteader you often start with a garden for food, then move to some water conservation or storage, then it is making things around the homestead. Eventually you graduate to livestock, animals for food and other products.

Not everyone has the room or money to do cows or even pigs, sheep or goats. While the last two can provide wool and milk for resale, they still take up a good amount of room and effort to raise.

For preppers even more than traditional homesteaders chickens and rabbits are the go to mainstays, but there are other small livestock as well!

Check out this list and find your next step in prepping at your homestead!

Small Livestock You Can Raise Anywhere

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When I began prepping, I did what most people do—I stocked up on canned food. Don’t get me wrong; I still think that is a solid part of any self-reliance plan, but it’s not the final answer.

I quickly added additional food sources like freeze-dried food and a garden, and while this was great, it still wasn’t quite enough, so I started raising livestock to produce a sustainable supply of protein.

You might think you don’t have enough space but fortunately, you don’t have to live on a farm to raise livestock.

I live in the suburbs and raise livestock with no problems—the key is selecting the right livestock. As much as I’d love a few cows in the back yard and be able to carve off a fresh, juicy rib eye anytime I want, that just isn’t in the cards right now. So if you’re working with limited space like I am, here are a few types of small livestock you can raise anywhere:


Rabbits are small and quiet, which works out well when your neighbors can hear everything that goes on in your backyard.


You can feed rabbits vegetable scraps, flowers, nuts, hay, and just about any plant that grows in your yard, but the bulk of their diet should be pelletized food, which I buy at Walmart for under $8/20 pounds.

Raising rabbits is pretty simple because they are resilient and they reproduce like, well, rabbits, but I do recommend Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits to learn more about breed selection, care and feeding, safe housing, humane handling, and disease prevention and treatment.


Chickens are small but not always quiet; however, that trait seems to depend on the individual bird rather than a specific breed. Roosters are always much noisier than hens.

They don’t require a lot of space, but will need an enclosed coup to provide shelter from the elements and from predators.

One of the biggest advantages to chickens is that they produce a protein-rich egg every day or two, which means a steady source of food without having to continually slaughter and butcher your livestock. Another upside is that they can clear a patch of land for your garden; just place them in a pen where you plan to build your garden and they will pick and scratch it completely free of all vegetation and pests in a matter of days, leaving behind rich manure. (This will have to be composted first because its excessive nitrogen content will burn delicate roots.)

Chickens will happily gobble up vegetable scraps, bugs in the yard, weeds, stale bread—pretty much anything you throw at them. ……….

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