Reusing Tires Around the Homestead

Here are a few ways we like to use tires…




We saw this simple tire hose caddy and made several to use. We simply cut the side wall off of one side with a jigsaw and rough blade.




We have some old steps that were wearing thin and slippery when wet. We saw this idea and started cutting the treads off a few matching tires. We added some adhesive and then lagged them through the treads for a slip free surface and a much nicer look!






Many of our neighbors ride bikes for exercise and sustainability, so when we saw this great idea, we made our own version. We cut the tires in half to use less and sunk them down so about 10″ sticks up and there is about a 3″ gap between them.





The neighbors have a slippery slope that becomes a dangerous mess when it rains, not to mention it is a pain to keep weed free. We paired the tires by height when they lay on their sides. We started at the bottom and cut them about 6″ into the rise, back filling them. This locked them into place and made them level and easy to walk upon.





This painted wall of tires inspired us to dig up a rotting, makeshift retaining wall and turn it into something beautiful and useful too! We set each row back a bit and every so often we cut out the sidewall to create a space to plant flowers and herbs. We chose not to paint our tires and let the plants color the wall. We found when it rains, the water flows gently over the wall watering things gently and naturally!





We just saw these online and fell in love with them. They have made our short list of things to do for the Winter, so hopefully next Spring we can have a whole flock!



Hope you have enjoyed these fun and useful ways to recycle old tires around your homestead!


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