Remember to Plow Around the Stump (Humor)

Don’t Make Extra Work On Your Homestead

Most of us like things to be perfect and simple and easy, but often settling for two out of three is a better solution. The old saying on the homestead goes, “Remember, It is easier to plow around the stump.” We so often lose a bit of focus on the big picture or want to deal with things that pop up in front of us. Often you can simply turn aside, move on and then resume your course. Thus it is in life as you plow through it. When you meet a stump, simply go around and keep moving forward. In the whole large field, what is a little stump? Stumps only seem big when they are right in front of us and we think we need to do something with or to them, but they are just a mirage. Learn to be flexible and you will be much happier plowing through life!



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