Perfect Perennial Planting Starts in the Fall!

Plant Perennials and Spring Blooming Bulbs in the Fall

Growing up we are so used to planting and blooming happening in the Spring, but the Fall is an even better time to plant quite a few items. Most folks know about trees and shrubs being introduced around the homestead at this time of year, but the same reasons we plant those are the benefits we want our perennials to have too! This is the time to plan for next year’s new look and to enhance what you have growing now. All we really need to do is be sure the new plants get about six to eight weeks in the ground before the first hard frost in your area.

Easy Garden Plant Layout

Right now it is easy to see where your plants are located and where you want to add in new elements. Remember in the Spring when you couldn’t recall what was where because nothing had sprouted yet and you kept digging up bulbs and other plants? As everything begins to go dormant for the Winter, you can still see where they are located and easily enhance your new layout. This is also a great time to split bulbs, move bulbs around and even plant new Spring blooming bulbs, too.

Less Plant Stress with Cooler Temps

Planting and replanting causes stress but the benefit of Fall, like for trees and shrubs, is the cooler weather. This means no stress from hot weather as the plants are getting used to their new locations. The roots can now more easily get a good foundation. The growth at this time of the year is no longer creating blooms or making new growth so the food, nutrients and water is all being focused by the plant to establish great roots.


Shorter Days and Less Water

Watering is critical for establishing new plants. With shorter days the amount of photosynthesis is reduced by a lot and the focus is moved to the roots spreading out and developing. This in turn uses less water and with cooler temperatures the rate of evaporation allows even less water to be needed.

So look on your calendar and if you have six to eight weeks before your first hard frost, get to planting! Don’t forget the bulbs shrubs and trees too. The best part? Next Spring you can relax and enjoy a newly designed garden and landscape as things begin to come alive and bloom! https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/