Need to Remove Saltwater, Metal and Radioactive Waste from your Water?

Solar Desalination has the benefit of doing it all!

As you know from our recent post about a KickStarter for purifying fresh water, we like to back certain campaigns. This creator is one we have backed before and have been most pleased with the communication and delivery of the donor thank yous. Anyway we have been doing a series on water types and the last issue for drinking water was salt and heavy metals. How convenient we now have a new product trying to come to market that would be a great complement to a lot of folks emergency prep gear. This portable systems uses the power of the sun to create a small amount of quite pure water, from salt water. It can even take out many solids and heavy metals… read radioactive elements!

Take a look at the video and see how portable and affordable it is.

The KickStarter link is here…


If you are unfamiliar with Crowdfunding or KickStarter, it is a way a group(crowd) can come together and donate small amount of money to help a new product get to market or help a company get started. Your donation or pledge of support is rewarded with a gift. The more you give the better the thank you reward. Since these individuals and companies are just starting out, there is a huge risk of delay and real business issues. Understand you are NOT “ordering a product” and your donation is really just that. One good thing is that the KickStarter financial goal must be met or you are charged nothing and the creator gets nothing. Please read the information about any crowdfunding you support and realize the risks. Here at HomesteadWorld we have backed over 500 KickStarter projects so far and only had a handful of “real issues”, but 80% or more have run into delays on estimated delivery of the thank you gifts. As always we share our opinions simply to help others. Please use them with thought. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/