Is Weeding Killing You?

Are your Vegetable Garden Weeds causing you Pain?

Many of you are probably wondering how to deal with weeds safely,  naturally and quickly. While many folks use pesticides, they aren’t trying to grow their own vegetables. There are actually a variety of ways to naturally deal with weeds that won’t harm your own crops.

My initial method for clearing out new crop fields is having a soil test done. Certain weeds such as crabgrass and quackgrass can grow in certain conditions. Croppings with crabgrass or quackgrass tend to have low sulphate or calcium levels. A soil test will tell you which concentrations to treat you soil with to eliminate these unwanted weeds.

Once I’ve treated the soil and planted my crops, I like to layer mulch around it to prevent future weeds from taking root. Old newspapers tend to be a good source of mulch and if you have issues with wind, you can dampen the newspaper to prevent it from getting blown away. If you don’t have access to newspapers, you can also try to grow other plants to sap any nutrients that may be used by potential weeds. Oats and legumes work quite well for such a task.

After my plants have taken root and started to grow, I like to use a homemade weed killer spray. It’s a simple concoction of an ounce or two of dish soap with a gallon of white vinegar. Depending on how deeply rooted the weeds are, it may require more than one application. If that doesn’t work, you can always try to add some salt to strengthen the compound. Be careful though, too much of it could alter the pH levels of the soil so you’ll want to use precautions.



If you are wanting to remove weeds from areas that could be damaged by salt and vinegar, there is another way that is far less damaging. Boiling some water and splashing it on undesired weeds will quickly kill off unwanted plants. Just be careful you don’t burn yourself with this method.

While I like to use a variety of these methods, you should be able to handle any weed problems you have with just one of them. I personally find it more efficient use them in the stages and see how they do before getting more aggressive. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/