Is it Magic Cuz it Sparkles?

Sparking the debate of Tap versus Filtered Water

You ever watch one of those date movies where the couple are at a nice restaurant and one of them orders sparkling water and it ignites a debate? Maybe they think the sparkle is from silver! Most people don’t seem to understand why this is inevitably happens. Let me shed some light on the reason.

Tap water is water that has been through the most basic filtration systems to remove unwanted wastes such as dirt and other solid matter. Chemicals are then added to the water that cause particles normally fine enough to slip through the filters to clump together. Once the fine particles have clumped together, the water can then be filtered once again to get rid of these new clumps of waste. Once they have gotten the solid matter out, they chlorinate it to kill off any pathogens or harmful bacteria that may have been growing in it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, or can at least hazard a guess. You’re thinking “Hey, you’re just describing filtered water. You even use the term ‘filter’ to explain what you’re talking about.” Trust me. I’m talking about tap water right now. “Well then what is filtered water?”

That’s a very good question. The filtered water you see people buying in grocery stores and asking for at restaurants in the movies goes through this same process. Usually it’s even from the same source as tap water. Filtered water has one additional step in the filtering process. The is filtered through a carbon filter to eliminate the recently added chlorine. After that they put it in a bottle and ship it off to stores. “You’re telling me the only difference is they remove the chlorine?”

Yes, that is the only difference between tap water and filtered. This is also why so many people argue over the decision to spend that extra money for “filtered” water.

Here is the complete list of water types:

  1. Spring Water is sourced from a spring and filtered to remove the “big stuff”.
  2. Tap Water has been filtered and then chlorinated.
  3. Sparkling Water is tap water with the chlorine removed.
  4. Distilled Water is for specialized equipment and not normally for drinking.
  5. Purified Water has been filtered and cleaned by several methods leaving highly pure water. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/