How to Make Collecting Rain Water Easy AND Pretty!

Make your rain collecting system match your homestead!

Collecting rain to water animals and your garden just makes good sense no matter where you are, but that is no reason to ugly up your homestead! Below are a few examples of collecting systems and a variety of ways they can blend, be enhanced or hidden in and around your place. Take time and be a bit creative. Make it a learning moment for family and friends.

simple-rain-barrel-plansOld Barn or Shed? Use troughs and gutters and old things lying around that matches the rustic style. Tap the upper unit with a hose nozzle and spout for gravity feed watering of plants.



22767d6fab7f3f6ed11877fa500c86ceHide your collection system with a painted pallet planter! Cover water storage tanks, garbage cans and even air conditioners with this simple trick.



hidden barrel2Plastic Trellis and Fencing works too. But it is cheaper to make your own divider and paint it any color you want to match or complement the surroundings. Leave it natural for that rustic look!


rain barrels white

decorated rain barrel bigSimply paint those Bright Blue Barrels White! You can even go beyond simple white and add stencils, vinyl or completely go crazy with paint!




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