Freshwater Issues and a Possible Worldwide Solution

Video shows shocking stats for dirty freshwater!

Those of us at HomesteadWorld are very active in support of certain campaigns on the crowdfunding website, KickStarter. Most tend to be personal things we like and a lot are board games for fun at home with family, friends and neighbors. Since we have been doing a series of posts on water, this video seems to fit right in. It tells a lot about freshwater around the world and some very serious issues. We all know there are shortages around the states and some of the rest of the surface water is not fit to drink. There is a scary amount of items that can be in the water.

We talked about filtered water and that you should buy that for drinking and cooking if you want the safest and purist water. For those that want to DIY, or have it while camping and hunting or more importantly during a time of disaster, you should consider a portable, self-contained system. Surface water can contain things like: E-coli, Cholera, Hepatitis, Coliform, Salmonella, Legionella, Influenza, a variety of bacteria and viruses and so much more! Not to mention Pesticides and Herbicides, Giardia, Chlorine, and other odors, tastes and sediment.

Take a look at this video. The first part is very educational and covers in greater detail the issues around the world and right here with fresh water. The second half is a preview of a product to help virtually everyone, everywhere! It holds a very exciting prospect of clean water any time.

KickStarter link is here…



You can pack The Hydro or pull it with its built in handle and trolley wheels. The pump runs from a battery and that can be charged by AC or an optional solar charge for true off-grid use.



Crowdfunding in General and KickStarter

If you are unfamiliar with Crowdfunding or KickStarter, it is a way a group(crowd) can come together and donate small amount of money to help a new product get to market or help a company get started. Your donation or pledge of support is rewarded with a gift. The more you give the better the thank you reward. Since these individuals and companies are just starting out, there is a huge risk of delay and real business issues. Understand you are NOT “ordering a product” and your donation is really just that. One good thing is that the KickStarter financial goal must be met or you are charged nothing and the creator gets nothing. Please read the information about any crowdfunding you support and realize the risks. Here at HomesteadWorld we have backed over 500 KickStarter projects so far and only had a handful of “real issues”, but 80% or more have run into delays on estimated delivery of the thank you gifts. As always we share our opinions simply to help others. Please use them with thought. https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/