Find the 6 Differences – Daisy and the Daisies

Daisy and the Daisies

So I just got a message from a friend saying they like the fun things I do with the graphics for, but they wanted to see if I was really good or not. They gave me a picture of Daisy with some Daisies and told me to do that “Find Six Differences” thing, so I did! Here is my first attempt but if I get more good photos I will do some more, as this was rather fun. What makes a good photo is usually one or more people and several items with good detail. Also there needs to be very little DOF (Depth of Focus) or blurriness except maybe for the distant background.

So here is the original Daisy and the Daisies.


Here is the Find the Six Differences again.


And finally my six changes.

  1. Slit in bench was narrowed
  2. Leg of bench was removed
  3. Added a daisy to the left pane
  4. Added and evergreen tip to the left pane
  5. Removed light reflection from left pane
  6. Removed hair curl from left shoulder in right pane


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