Can you believe Google is Invading Boston Area Homesteads?

Google’s new Project Sunroof in Cali too!

If you have a homestead or even a home in the Boston, San Francisco Bay or Fresno Areas of the country, be aware of a new project by Google. Actually anywhere in the United States and maybe even the whole world might be covered by this new project. Why should be aware of it? Well it looks at your homestead or home and uses it’s aerial imagery and maps, along with information about nearby structures and trees, sun positions throughout the year and historical cloud and temperature data to compute how much sunlight hits your roof in a year! This totally awesome! Why?

Project Sunroof – Why is Google doing this?

Many of us are turning to solar energy as the price begins to fall, to help with lower our energy bills. Installing solar panels is getting easier and most anyone can learn to do it now. Google’s massive resources in data, mapping and computers help calculate the best solar solution for your specific house!

Check out this Intro to Project Sunroof video, then read more below…

Cool right? Just enter your address and Google calculates everything to give you the proper installation size using the information I mentioned above. While this estimate of kW (kilowatts) is set at a 100%, it is really more of a reference number to use when selecting panels, calculating ROI (Return on Investment) or talking with suppliers or contractors. Most folks would probably generate a bit less than 100% if you are on the grid, since most areas won’t buy back any extra power.

Project Sunroof will help do calculations to help you decide to buy, lease or even take a loan to cover costs depending on your situation, neighborhood and local energy costs. What is also awesome is it will take into account any utility rebates, state or federal tax credits and any renewable energy credits in your area.

Finally, something I find refreshing about Google spying on our homesteads!

Video Source: Google https://www.planet-streamingnet/ https://www.planet-streamingnet/