8 Ways Wannabe Survivalists Die!

Myths versus Reality to actually living as a survivalist family

For the survivalist, being truly prepared for when SHTF is not a game, or a hobby, but it is our reality of life! This is a warning to those that have not yet begun to change, but think they have!

We that homestead, or life off-the-grid or live the survivalist life, or even a sustainable life, it IS a WAY OF LIFE! Many come to “play” at what is everyday life to us. We get our fair share of toe-kickers, mostly looking for reasons NOT to do what we do.

We do share how we do things with most anyone and are happiest we can get even one person to make a positive change. Pass this along.


The Top 8 Deadly Myths About Survivalism

1. It’s just like camping. It’s nothing like camping.  ………. On a camping trip, you can live without anything for a couple of days, even weeks, and you can always jump back in the car and go to the nearest grocery store to pick up what you need.  What if there were no grocery store available?  How will you feel when your daily habits are interrupted, not just for a few days trip, but for the foreseeable future?

2. You can buy enough food and supplies for forever. No, someday what you have will run out.  You’ll have to learn to grow and/or gather new food supplies and to learn to use what you have, even if that means pancakes without baking powder.  Someday you will have to wipe your butt with a washable rag instead of disposable toilet paper.  Someday there could be no gas to get to the store and the store won’t have anything on the shelves anyway.

3. Your neighbors will gather around and help each other. Think about your neighbors who haven’t got a clue, or can’t bear the thought, of their comfy suburban lives changing when the reality of where society is going hits them, “upside the head”. ……….

4. If I buy enough gadgets (mini washing machine, generator, solar tracker) I’ll be OK. ……….  Gadgets are going to break down and then you will have to learn to live without them anyway.  Why not learn now?

5. I can get to my survival location when TSHTF. This is the most flawed and perhaps the most popular plan, thinking that when all hell breaks loose, you will know far enough in advance to travel the hundreds of miles to your survival location.  When the door slams shut, the highways will be blocked, the urban and suburban streets will be blocked and patrolled and no one will be going anywhere! ………. You may find that it’s a much better lifestyle than the one you are living now.

6. I can convince my significant other that this is the right move. No, you can’t, and you shouldn’t. All you can do is give them information and allow them to do with it what they do.  People either get this or they don’t.  ………. Just do it as an informed decision.

7. I don’t need to prepare a place.  I’ll just grab my Bug-Out-Bag and find a cave somewhere. How many others do you think have that same plan?  ……….

8. My kids will be bored. ………. Help them look at this as an adventure, not a burden.

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