10 Things Homesteaders Love that Non-Steaders Just Don’t Get!

Some thoughts on what homesteaders love and what others may learn over time if they are lucky!

EggsBasket320Homesteading in any form is both a mindset and a lifestyle. What others deem “work” is just “living” life for a homesteader. At least our work has direct rewards and long term benefits!

Homesteading is freedom! It is not a trap, making us a slave to the land or or garden or our animals or our home or whatever others think. We know it as real freedom to do as we wish, when we wish and gain the full results of our labor.

Remember when you first started talking about Homesteading? The crazy looks and questions you got? Or maybe even some of the thoughts you had yourself? My how our ignorance has faded away like the Winter snow leaving our minds fertile like the land in Spring.

Get Started reading the first 5 things now and see if you agree!

10 Things Your Non-Homesteading Friends Just Don’t Understand

1. We’re rather proud of the dirt under our fingernails

The short, chipped, grimy nails adorning my battered, prematurely-wrinkled hands would be a laughingstock in some circles of women. But you know what?

I love my hands. 

These hands can quickly squeeze gallons of milk from an udder, nurture growing vegetables, convince a stubborn heifer to load in the trailer, build fence, hold the reins of my favorite horse, and knead the best bread you’ve ever put in your mouth.

I’m so used to my plain, grubby fingernails, whenever I do try to paint them, the flashes of color startle me all day long because I’m not used to it. And then I end up nervously picking all the polish off… So yeah, it’s safe to say this girl is perfectly happy without a manicure.

 2. We really, truly like having a lot of projects going at once.

Oh honey… You’re so busy…” They say it with a look of pity in their eyes.

I’ve really started to dislike the term “busy”, because I think it carries a such a negative connotation, and people have drastically different definitions of what busy really is…

I prefer my schedule to be “pleasantly full,” and I keep it that way on purpose. I am not a victim of my homesteading schedule.


3. Food you grow yourself really does taste better.

No doubt about it, a vegetable picked 30 steps from your front door will always, always have better flavor than a veggie that’s been shipped half-way around the country.


4. We don’t do what we do to make anyone else feel inferior.

Comparison is rampant in our culture. Some people blame the prevalence of social media, but I think it’s a problem as old as time. Every once in a while, I get the vibe that someone suspects I’m attempting to be a Super Mom with all my homesteading efforts. Let me just say this: I am as far from Super Mom as a person can get.


Case in point? While I may have a few homesteading skills, I am horrifically awful at doing laundry, my children have boring birthday parties, and I don’t sew or knit. See? No Super Mom here.

We’re just doing what makes us happy, and we aren’t trying to make anyone who isn’t into our lifestyle feel poorly about themselves. We’ll still be your friend, and you don’t even have to can your own applesauce.

5. Getting the first egg from your first chicken is a thrill like no other.

Or when the first tomato appears on the plant. Or you put your first packages of home-raised meat into the freezer.

Growing your own food is one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done, and the first time experiencing the fruits of your labor is magical. It makes all the tough times, hard work, and disappointments worth it.

So, to all the non-homesteaders out there, please bear with us while we gush about our eggs and tomatoes. We’ll stop… eventually. Maybe.


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